My New Blog

I’ve decided to start yet another blog.  This one will mostly feature my metal detecting finds, but will occasionally wander into just about anything, especially when the finds are running thin.

Last year I found 516 silver coins metal detecting.  For those who don’t follow the hobby, that’s alot — in my mind, 30 silvers is a good year.  Too bad I wasn’t blogging last year, tho I hope to someday write some articles about that amazing year.  For now, lets hope I get to 30 between now and the end of the year.  We’ll see.

[Note: if you continue reading this archive below this entry, you will see the entries for the Best Finds and Double Digit Days blog categories.  This is just a trick to make it really easy for me to leverage the blog software into multiple blogs quickly and without a hassle, cause I ain't likin' hassles, who is?]

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