Three Silvers Today

Back to yesterday’s site, hoping for a big, old fish; instead pulled a 3 spot of modern silver, as well as a buffalo nickel.  I get the feeling this site has been picked over by an expert (with or without permission).

All three silvers were hard — deep and on their side.  The war nickel was 10 inches, and on its side.  There is nothing shallow here, and no clad.  Maybe the site hasn’t been used since the 50s or 60s (I do know that is the last time it was in scheduled use, tho such use, I was hoping, would go back much farther than that), but you would expect to at least find some clad.

Given that the modern silver is just on the edge of detectability, I’m betting, unfortunately, that the older silver (if any) has sunk out of range.

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