New Promising Site

I’ve been scoping a site that just looks awesome for weeks now, but it is on private property, and I’ve never had the time to make a go of getting permission, with so much else going on.

But with farewell, farewell on my last goto site, I finally got up the nerve to go for the permission, and got a yes.  This is the perfect site for right about now, given that the dirt is starting to get rock hard (it hasn’t rained in months, it seems), and this site is low-lying, with wet ground.

The site dates back to the early 1800s, but a three hour hunt netted just a rosie and a buffalo nickel (not shown), as well as a crotal bell.  That’s certainly constructive, and the good news is that I have permission to hunt it when I please.

As for crotal bells, some people are gaga over them, I’m not one of those people.  I dug almost a foot for the thing.  Yeah, they are old, and cool, but give me silver anytime. Today’s hunt did keep a silver streak alive, tho.

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