Farewell, Farewell

I don’t think I’ve written about this before on this blog (tho I have on AD), but one of my rituals is a farewell hunt when I think a honeyhole site is played out.  I like to go to a local restaurant, spend the clad I’ve found for lunch (well, of course I use a credit card, but cover it with the clad), have a couple beers, and do a final hunt on the site.  I’ve been bashed for my farewell ritual, but its what I do, cause its fun, and it is sort of like a travel experience, and always leaves me with fonder memories of the honeyhole.

The restaurant meal was lousy, but the site’s final section (other than the section I gave up for dead yesterday), gave up the goods.  First target was a rosie, and it is always special to get silver on the farewell hunt.  But the next target was a dateless SLQ, followed by a walker.  Unbelievable.

But that wasn’t the end of it, I pulled 2 more dimes, and another walker, for my second ever 2 silver half day (both at this site), and my 8th silver half of the year (and it is only April, tho I don’t expect to pull any more this year).  5 of the silver halfs have been pulled from this site (a barber, 3 walkers, and a benjie).

This was a very fine farewell hunt, and marks my 40th silver from this site.

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