Roadtrip Silver

Had some business in New England this past weekend, and had some ulterior motives as well, one of which was to visit each site where I found silver during my blowout year last year, and have a local restaurant meal near the site.

Next stop on the tour was a very large park in CT, where I found a couple of mercs and a very old silver thimble last year.  The targets are few and far between at this site, but like many sites, patience is often rewarded, and I dug my first 2 reale Spanish silver, dated 1777.  This is my second oldest silver coin, and it is quite a treat. Yeah its worn, but we’ll take it.

On Sunday, I met up with a couple of folks from the American Detectorist forum at some sites near Ashburnham, MA, but I was skunked.  These sorts of old field sites are generally all or nothing (contrast with my steady bulk silver approach), and I generally end up with nothing.  But, it was great to be invited to these sites, and the company was great. There is always the possibility of an awesome score at these sites.  The Sunday hunt broke another nice silver streak, but I’m not sure if I should count the break or not.

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