Back to My Shrine

Went back to my favorite site, to the excavated section, which gave up 8 yesterday, but the targets were much thinner today.  Finished off the sections I was unable to complete yesterday, and I dug 3 silver coins over a very long day of hunting.  All were very shallow.

The last was a beautiful barber dime, just one inch deep, which surprisingly, rang up as a 12-44 on the E-Trac.  Its my first barber at this site, after 138 total silvers, and I think a fitting end to the site.  All things must past.  Farewell, Farewell.  (Until they excavate some other section, of course!). (Of course, I’ve already done two farewell hunts here, and it still seems to give it up.  This time, I do think it is really over, but of course I’ll be back someday).

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