A First For Me

Dug this treasure today (yeah, I’m talking about the merc), which happens to be career silver #1300.  We always celebrate our milestones.

That toasted copper is a first for me, tho, a King George one penny (as opposed to the more commonly dug halfpenny).  You can tell by the size (half dollar size), and the weight (25 grams; it is supposed to be 1 oz, or about 28 grams — compare to the last KG III halfpenny I dug at less that 7 grams).  You can also tell by the raised rim, which let to these coins being called “cartwheels”.  This thing is thick as well as large.

It is of course dateless, but they were only dated 1797, so it is a 1797 KG III penny.  We also know it was actually minted in Britain cuz the colonists did not counterfeit these (most KG II and KG III halfpennies are colonial counterfeits).

I’ve actually never seen one of these posted, so in that sense it is an uncommon find.  Too bad it is still worthless.  Its the thrill that counts, I suppose.  It was about 10 inches down in a small park that was established in the 40s (and a new site for me).

The merc was really weird, came in at CO 38, which I rarely dig in a park, but since it was a new site, I wanted to see a wheate, and saw one.  Scanned the hole again, and got a 42 (ok, another wheatie), and found the merc instead (then the second wheatie).  Really weird.  The E-Trac is usually good at sniffing the silver out in this situation.

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