Getting Back Into It

Found 2 silvers today, as well as a pair of silver blings.  2 hour hunt at a new site for me.  Just a small park in a small town.  Maybe, at best, a 5 silver site.  Prolly will come it at 3.  We’ll see.

Found the merc in the first 5 minutes, under a large nail; the nail was on the surface, and the merc was just a half inch down.  Q was found on a deep enbankment, as were the 2 blings.  Some people go to a park and start in the middle; I go to a park and start in the most awkward sections, usually the sides.  It worked today.  It often works.

This is my 6th hunt of the year.  A mix of old and new sites, including a ruin near my house that produced a merc.  No other silvers from those sites, so I’m at 3 for the year.

Its nice to be back.  That said, I will prolly only spend about 10-20% of the time hunting as I did in the past.  I will also prolly only blog month end summaries, unless I have a fantastic day.  I expect to spend about 70% of my hunting time in random fields, cause even tho you never find anything, it is just relaxing (and BTW. my last random field a couple of years ago netted me a very nice bust half, and a pair of seated dimes next to each other, so you don’t always don’t find nothing, but you get the idea; when you don’t find nothing, it can end well :) ).  My goal is to find 15-25 silvers this year.

I still love park and school hunting, and figuring this and that out about these places, and where they were.  During my hayday, I found 1227 silvers over a 4 year period at such places.  Its just you run out of such places with 45 minutes of where you live.  There are only so many.  I don’t think I’ve found them all, but I’ve found a good number of them around here; maybe I’ll find some more, we’ll see, but the odds of that seem low.

But, that is not why I took a pause.  I took a pause cause I wanted to write a puzzle hunt.  So that is what I did, and it is cool.  If you figure it out, you even find silver.  The problem is, there is no real audience for this sort of thing.  But, I did it anyway, cause I wanted to.

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