Happy Thanksgiving

Not sure if anyone checks on this page any more, but if so, Happy Thanksgiving.

I’ve only detected twice since the last update (Aug 6).  Both for a couple of hours, and both nothing but clad.  One was an old site that was never really that promising, and one was an old piece of private property that just became public; a huge site.

I had high hopes for the second site, but had obviously been nighthawked over the the years, as there really wasn’t even much clad.  Its not the sort of site permission would have been granted for.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll try again someday.

I expect to remain on detecting hiatus for a while (and now we’ve even got snow, so another endless winter looks like its here), and I do miss it.  In the unlikely event I get out soon, and find something good, I’ll post it, otherwise the blog is dead for now.

(For the curious, it all started when I got Lyme disease, and the meds kept me out of the sun (I tried detecting, but got a really bad sunburn), so I went onto other projects, that now seem never ending).

7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I still check your blog, hope it works out so you can get out detecting next year again. Overall I found less than half as many silvers this year, but more gold. Overall a slow, but still enjoyable year cut short on both ends by snow and cold. All the best to you.

  2. How many silvers did you find Ducktrapper? I got my Ace 350 in March and upgraded to an AT Pro (wife got the 350 :) in July. I’ve found about 45 silver coins this year and my best day was a 5-spot of Barbers (4 dimes, 1 quarter). Haven’t found anything gold yet though! Randy here makes it look easy – his tips and suggestions are amazing, and even though I have just a Pro his insights into finding silver are second to none!

    • Steve,

      I found 23 this year plus several sterling rings and 2 gold rings. The last 3 years I have been in the 40-50 silver range. Its all good, I never expected to be in the hundreds per year like Randy has done, we just don’t have the population density here to lose that many coins!

      • We’ve got lots of people around so I have no excuse… I’m in Northern New Jersey! Although I’m still surprised I caught as many as I did in my first year back detecting since 1992. Where are you at Ducktrapper?

        • Extreme NW Wisconsin, about an hour south of Lake Superior. Still a relatively unsettled area. Only 2 stoplights in the entire county. Folks did not live here until the 1870s or so, and most of them were sustenance farmers that did not carry cash. I have never found a large cent here!

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