Multi-Silver Day

First multi-silver day in like forever.  A couple of dimes at a new site, a 50s era ballpark.  Not much density at this place, and they were deep.

The site doesn’t seem to have much potential.  Figured it would be a 5-10 silver site initially, now I think I’ll be lucky to get 5.

Also, turns out I have Lyme disease, which I guess explains why I haven’t felt like detecting much lately.  This is the second time I’ve had it, for some reason it is worse this time.  I’ve just felt like laying around and doing inside hobbies instead of detecting.  Hopefully it will go away and I’ll feel like doing more stuff outside again.

One thought on “Multi-Silver Day

  1. Sounds like my luck lately. Haven’t seen a Merc in a month and the only silvers I’ve dug this past month were two deep Rosies and two deep war nickels, with lots of disappointing hunts along the way. Did find an interesting “honey hole” ballfield with a layer of moist brown clay about 7 inches down that trapped all sorts of coins from the 30′s through 60′s but since it was a kids field most were pennies and nickels!

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