Just a Dime

Got out a couple times this week to close out another site, which turned out to end up at 24 silvers, and pulled a lone ’63 rosie.

Beautiful, isn’t it?  We’ll take it.

Started working this site for real last fall, and finished it this spring.  An old park in southern Chester County.  Interesting that I tried other machines there, such as the DFX and V3, and even the E-Trac a little bit, but it was only the E-Trac with the Big Unit that was able to solve it.

Well, I don’t really expect to do any detecting between now and the middle of summer, as I am just way too busy, so this may be the last update for a while, tho, maybe I’ll get out for a random hunt and find a random silver between now and then (sort of like what this was since the last post), we’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Just a Dime

  1. Was the larger coil worth the investment? Does it make more difficult to scan trashy areas? My current etrac with stock coil is pretty solid to 7″ and iffy at 6″ and deeper in iron infested areas. I’ve been working on tactics to better detect an iron infested area that holds elusive barber coins. Any advice? Thanks and good luck!

  2. I think the larger coil is worth it. I’ve gotten silver out of sites I thought were dead. I think its best use is for hunted out parks, and obviously fields, but I’ve had no problems using it in trashy and iron infested sites, but you have to go very slow. If you see the coil moving, you are going too fast :) I’ve pulled quite a few silvers out of multiple iron nail holes.

    I use it about 90% of the time. The time I don’t use it is when close in to ruins or very old houses, where you just can’t get a threshold anywhere, and obviously not in thick woods either. I would also switch off the the smaller coil if the mineralization is really brutal. Even tho it is a DD, it still seems to take up a bit more at really highly mineralized sites. I have one site that is like this, where the smaller coil seems to do a bit better, but such sites are rare, at least around here.

    • I would concur with Randy, the Big Unit stays on my machine 90% of the time. I use the 6×8 SEF the rest of the time, with stock coil as my backup (and truly, the stock coil is very good, so you are in great shape if that ends up being the backup). At least in my case, the only (minor) drawback is that the bigger unit is terrible for pinpointing, whether I use the button on the Etrac or use the wiggle method. I have learned to make the center of the coil the “hinge” of the plug, and cut 5-6 inch radius around that, coin is still often in the hole wall and not the plug itself. Maybe my skills just suck or maybe the coil is off, but when I switch to the 6×8, the pinpointing is usually laser-precise, so I’m tending to think it is coil related.

  3. I appreciate the feed back. Those of you who can reutinly pull silver out of square nail and nail infested sites have my admiration. My next immediate goal is to tweak my settings so I can differentiate between a rusty nail and a silver coin. A task I’m currently sucking at :) best of luck!

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