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Not much detecting so far this week, but on Monday, I did manage to nab this 7 gram sterling ring at my Boyertown site mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

The Boyertown site also gave up the barber and merc from my last entry.  I didn’t mention it then, cause after the first entry, I noticed someone had come in to the site with fresh plugs.  Are you kidding me?  I don’t know if it was anyone reading me, or just coincidence, who knows?, and who cares?, but dude, if its you, hit me up, and we’ll hunt sometime.

Anyway, I closed the site out today without silver.  Bummer.  Total take, three silvers including a barber dime, and a 7 gram ring.  Not bad.  The only reason I was there was cuz there is a locally renowned sports doctor in the area, and I needed some serious PT, but hopefully (knock on wood), I won’t need to go back.

So that’s that for my Boyertown adventure.  I love going into unfamiliar areas and pulling silver (who doesn’t?  I mean, who doesn’t like going into any area and pulling silver?).  Anyway, its back to Chester County which we know and love, tho with so much going on, I don’t expect to do much more detecting this summer, so the entries will be even more sporadic.

3 thoughts on “Back to Boyertown

  1. Dude, just stumbled upon your site. Very cool finds. I have been detecting for awhile with an etrac and live near the areas you search. Hit me up and we could hit some spots together. I am only at 32 silver coins so far this year, I need some new locations and a buddy to go tectin with!z

  2. I have been checking out your site. You have done very well on your silver finds throughout the year. My question to you is how hard has the boyertown park been hit. I don’t have an etrac like you but an older model explorer xs which also seems to do pretty well on silver. I would like to hit that park just for the fun of it and see if I can grab something good from there. I am interested in hunting with you sometime .

  3. I hit it pretty hard. I doubt there is much silver there, but there could be. I’ve been on hiatus since early August due to Lyme disease and then a very time-consuming project, but hopefully I’ll get back out later in the fall.

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