Couple of barbers recently, one on Thursday’s hunt, one on Friday’s hunt.  These are from different sites; both previous silver sites from recent entries.  Came up one short of the trifecta on each day.

Thursday’s dimes –

Friday’s dimes –

Both sites are on the stingy side, and I don’t get too many barbers, so we’ll take ‘em.

Thursday’s was shallow and a bit weird, rang in like a silver quarter, and was right in the middle of the park.  Really weird.  I think it was on its side, cause coins on their side tend to ring higher on the E-Trac, or maybe it was affected by something.  Hard to believe it was missed in a smallish, sparse park.

It also cleaned up quite nice, aside from a blemish on the back, which may have been caused by being pressed up against a mineralized rock for 100 years.  I wonder how it would grade, ex damage –

Not the best pic, but it looks good in person, trust me :)

Friday’s barber was a really difficult dig, in a trashy site where everything was difficult, and the density was much less than I had hoped, tho I did have the merc, a few wheaties, and what I thought were a couple of coppers (they weren’t, as it turns out).

This one was just a tiny silver chirp thru all the trash.  What I call a “good ears” silver.  Down I went into the hole and didn’t find it, and I often give up on these, but another scan of the PP and I heard the faintest chirp on the side of the hole.  Worked the spot, and out it popped, another one on its side, and deep.  This one was possibly one of the most difficult silvers I ever dug.  Too bad I don’t have a video camera, as it is hard to describe these.

Turned out to be a 1902.  The merc was a 1939D, my first one, which fills a hole in my dug merc album.  Only need 23 more, including all the hard ones (except the 26S).  Good luck with that project.

2 thoughts on “Barbers

  1. IMO, aside from the damage, would be AU-50. I got one last year about the same. Yet the value probably isn’t as high as one might expect, Barber coins are typically perceived as being undervalued.

  2. I’d give that an AU-55 details grade. That’s an absolutely beautiful Barber. Found your site cause I’m in a silver slump and need some inspiration. Over 500 silver coins in 1 year – that’s the best inspiration of all!

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