Boyertown Silver

Sometimes doing this blog gets so tedious, especially with all the real crap that’s going on, that you just have to throw a completely different title out there, one the gives away the location of the site.  Maybe a better idea is to shut the whole damn thing down.

Boyertown is a town about a half hour from where I live, and despite having lived where I live pretty much my whole life, I’ve never been there.  I have no idea why. cause I just like to drive around an explore places, just to piss off the enviroalarmists who think my doing so causes global warming.

Its actually a pretty cool town, and is a nice place to metal detect.  Best of all, it has silver,  Hopefully it has more, tho I don’t think it has much as the site I was on had been hit hard.  Only there for about 90 minutes and managed to score a Q that was deep, on its side, and affected by ferrous.  No slam dunk silvers here.

Have a nice holiday everyone.

2 thoughts on “Boyertown Silver

  1. Not gonna lie, I looked the town up, way too far from the part of PA where I do business. I would not have gone there anyway. . .

    If the blog ain’t fun, don’t do it. A bunch of us would miss it, but life is too short.

    And thank you for the Holiday wishes, same to you. It has been a great weekend so far. I nearly doubled my 2014 silver count today alone, but since I started the day with 4 silvers, not much to brag about I guess.

  2. I’m just going thru a rough time now. And I’ll admit I get burnt out posting found this, found this, found this. I like to write interesting stuff, and it just doesn’t seem interesting day after day.

    In how many ways can you write “found a merc today”. Don’t get me wrong; I never get tired of finding ‘em, sometimes writing it gets old tho. When I get thru my rough spell, I’ll prolly be more into it. But it is surprisingly time consuming as well, and time is really what I have so little of.

    If you’re in the area, I wouldn’t try Boyertown. There’s better towns for silver. I’ll hook you up. And congratz on your silvers.

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