Dropped an Eightspot Today

Had business near the location of my best all time site, a site that, prior to today, had surrendered 127 silvers (previously written about in this story).

I thought the site was pretty much finished off, (save for the stray few that I will eventually round up), but every time I drive by, I check it out (I mean, who wouldn’t; its a shrine for me), and low and behold, they had scraped some dirt off!  I always have my machine handy (chance favors the ready mind), and I was able to get some detecting time in, and was able to pull 8 silver coins.

These coins were all shallow, being in the excavated zone.  None deeper than an inch or two.  How cool is it to get a signal, and look down, and see the rim of a silver quarter sticking out of the dirt?  Unbelieveable.

135 silvers from this site now.  I know where I’ll be tomorrow.

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