Silver Yesterday and Today

Well, nothing too exciting, a dime yesterday, and a dime today.  Also got a silver bling yesterday — its been a long time since I’ve gotten a silver bling (and nearly 2 years since I’ve gotten a gold bling).

Yesterday’s site was my third best site, now at 75 silvers.  I was happy to get it to that 75 milestone.  Most of my production there came in the summer of 2011, and I’ve rarely been back since.  Still going thru my old sites and cleaning up loose ends from the days when I wasn’t such a meticulous record keeper.  I was going thru unfinished zones from memory, and I’m sure I went over the same areas twice (one thing I hate doing, as it is obviously inefficient).  I think the place is more or less dry now, but there are still some loose ends.  We’ll see when and if I get to closing it out.  Its an amazing site, and I miss it.

Today was a rare weekend hunt — a more or less new site.  The problem with this site is that it is far from home.  I hunted it once last fall, and IIRC, had a double digit wheatie day, but no silvers.  I’ve been drooling over this site for years, and always imagined it as a triple digit site, as it is so massive (well larger than any site I’ve ever worked), and quite old.  Also apparently hunted hard, as I only pulled a few targets today; 3 wheaties and the merc.  Density is also an issue here, as it is with any massive site.  On the upside, it is impossible for it to be hunted out.  Still could be a triple digit site, but it might take 10 years to get there at my rate.  More realistically might be a 10-20 silver site, we’ll see.

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