Monster Site Silver

I have 2 monster sites, one that has produced 140 silvers, and the other 127.  That’s alot, as these things go (40 is alot as these things go).

I went to the larger of the 2 today.  Most of the silvers were found in 2011, but I keep going back, and occasionally find a stray silver.  Some areas I’ve gridded over 6 times now, and still get the goods.  (The whole thing isn’t that simple, and merits a long article (a small part of which I posted to Minelab’s find of the month site when I found 112 silvers over the span of 17 days, including a 23 spot, in 2011), but today isn’t the day for that article, as I’m just way too pressed for time.

Now, its just a normal site that I’m in the process of closing out, but it gave up #141 and #142 today.  Whohoo.

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