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RFT = Random Field Theory, for our new readers, in the unlikely event there are any :)

Anyway, first, running an ultra is hard.  50K is alot of K’s (and miles as well, 31 or so to be more or less exact, which is 5 more than a marathon, which doesn’t sound like alot, but try running a marathon, then run 5 more miles on top of it).  Then on Monday I had a plumbing crisis to deal with, and went DIY rather than calling a pro, took 4hrs when calling a pro prolly would have taken 15 minutes, but DIY is so much more satisfying, isn’t it?  (well, only when it works, of course).  Tuesday it rained like all get out, but today I went metal detecting.  Woohoo!

I just wanted a stress free experience, so I hit this huge field that I’ve known about for a while (which is public property), but never thought it worthwhile until I did the Random Field Theory thing over the past few months.  That site was private property, and possibly had never been detected.

This site had been detected, cause I saw some other clown’s plugs.  Are you kidding me?  Who detects random fields?  It sounds so inefficient, but it is so relaxing, and, as I’ve shown before, you find great stuff once in a while.

I didn’t get great stuff, but I didn’t come away completely empty-handed either; I nailed a barber in the first hour, but the next 3 hours were deader than a [well nevermind, I was about to say something highly political which would have offended someone, despite it being correct :) ].  In any case, we’ll take it, cause silver coins are hard to find, especially in random fields, but a 1 in 4 hour run rate takes some patience indeed, doesn’t it?

But, there’s a bit more.  Not related to metal detecting, but tomorrow I see Iced Earth live at the Troc for the first time, prolly my all-time favorite metal band.  I get to see if I can survive my first ultra, a DIY plumbing crisis, and the metal pit all in the same week.  No doubt the plumbing will be remembered as the hardest of the three :)

4 thoughts on “More RFT

  1. I get about 1 silver per 3 hour run-rate in my good spots! :>)

    On the positive, random fields aren’t all that much worse for me, and the relaxation factor is significant, as you say.

  2. If it is convenient can you give us an update on the new battery? Are you still on the first charge? How long did it last?

    I’m just curious.

  3. I think it ran out of charge near the end of last year. If I didn’t write about it then, then I don’t remember. I do know I have only charged it twice since I bought it, and I love it. I just leave the detector in the car now.

    One thing to be aware of tho, it drops from full bars to 1 bar quickly. I read that it will do that, and it does. I charge when it gets to one bar, so that’s maybe why I don’t know. But it lasts a good while.

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