Silver Train Derailed

Too bad, cause I was having a bit of a lucky run lately.  A couple of days ago, I went to my favorite metal detecting town, where I’ve pulled 205 silvers, by far my most for any town, to close off a couple of sites.

One was a 40 silver site that just had an hour left to do, always the completist, and I guess I could have blown it off, but if its a silver per hour site, or better, you have decent odds, so why not?  Not only that, I once got a barber half in the last hour cleanup section, so I always do it.  But, I didn’t get anything.  Oh well.  Onto another park in the same town, a small park that had only given up 7 silvers, and I had already covered it, but 6 were all in one small area, including a barber Q, so I wanted to cover that hot zone with the big unit.  Bupkis.

Onto a third site in that town, which I’ve only hunted briefly, and I figured had decent potential.  It doesn’t.

So, that was the end of the mini silver streak on Wed.  Yesterday, tho, I did score a 46 rosie at a new site in a much tougher town (an 11 silver town).  This was a vacant lot site where some 30s houses stood.  Pulled a ton of clad but just one silver and one wheatie.  Hard to tell whether it had been hunted or not.  Probably, as there should have been more silvers, but these sites tend to be hit and miss.  Anyway, a one and done site.  I don’t really have time to take a pic of lone rosie; we’ve all seen ‘em, tho I’m sure I would if I had more time, cause every silver coin remains hard to find, no matter how many you get.

So tomorrow I’m running 50K.  That’s alot, as these things go.  So, no detecting today to rest, and who knows for how long after.

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