Another SLQ

Back to Friday’s park for another couple of hours today, and pulled another merc and an SLQ.  This one is dateless, unfortunately.

Both were on their side — the merc was just one inch deep but in a grass-free area up against a fence.  It was prolly pushed around a bit when they did work on the fence.

I’m pretty certain there was another guy’s plug where the SLQ was, but its hard to be certain.  Some machines have trouble with coins on their side, so its possible he heard it, or thought he heard it, and couldn’t find it. Or, maybe he hit another target or it wasn’t a plug at all.  Who knows?

Well, that section of the park is done.  I’ve been all over this place, but have only ever pulled silver from the one end.  I wonder if there is any more for me in other sections?

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