V Nickel

Dug a V nickel on 3/30.  Isn’t she a beauty :)

The 5th one I’ve ever dug.  Compared to 1252 silvers.  That’s why I don’t dig the low tones too much (forgetting the fact I get so many silvers in low tone trash), cause even when they are something good (as if that treasure is something good), they end up looking like that around here.  Digging is expensive, and swinging for silvers is cheap.  Only an economist would metal detect as I do :)   But, in the middle of a field, where the diggable signals might come once an hour, you dig ‘em all.  Its a 1911, if you are curious.

From the fields of dreams site of the last couple entries, which sadly, is now officially closed. My permission expired today; It was a long time coming — I was only allowed there until they broke ground — its a development site — being turned into office buildings or condos or something.  Too bad about the effing winter cause I missed a couple of months of detecting while they were waiting for final approvals, and I was looking at effing snow on my fields of dreams while the clock ticked.

But that’s that.  The fields only produced 6 silvers, but they included a beautiful 1830 bust half, 2 seated dimes, a half reale, and a pair of rosies.  Also 6-8 coppers or so (I feel the same way about coppers as I do this nickel, so I don’t remember the exact number, but like wheates, they are great tells, and keep you going), and, of course, this nickel.  No IH’s, but I never get those. I wonder why?  I don’t care; they always look like garbage around here as well.

Most importantly, I got a couple months of stats on the random field theory.  It takes alot of 5 hours days of not getting a single coin to get the coins I did get, but it seems worth it in the end.

Farewell Farewell Fields of Dreams.

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