Into the Dead Zone, Baby!

Back to the fields of dreams, while it lasts (same site as yesterday), and pulled an 1820 largie pretty much straightaway.  A bit later on, a rosie, and when you are in old fields giving up copper after copper, when you get a silver dime signal, you hope it is a bit better than a rosie.  Tough to be disappointed on a silver coin, but I was on this one.

But keep gridding on and on and on, and eventually we got one baby!.  A badly worn 1840 seated dime!  It was an iffy signal, as it turns out due to the fact it is on the thin side  Then not 10 feet on, a slam dunk silver dime signal, and I say please be a bust or another seated, and there is was, a rather nice 1876 seated dime, and my first ever silver coin in the dead zone (those who read me know that means 1858-1891).  Not a bad amount before, and plenty after, but my first right in the middle.  We’ll take it.  (Someday I’ll write up why I think the dead zone is dead, but that won’t be tonite).

Unbelievable baby!  First ever multi seated day.  A single seated day is awesome in my book.  In fact, I didn’t dig a single seated coin in all of 2013, now I have 2 after about 7 hunts this year.  My season is made already, baby!


3 thoughts on “Into the Dead Zone, Baby!

  1. Attaway! Great to finally see some hunting taking place, at least here and some of the forums. You just never know what will turn up next. A Seated dime is the one coin of which I am setting a goal to find this year. Targeting sites from that era, see if that helps. That 1876 you found is a real beauty, lots of detail left!

  2. That’s a really nice 1876. Only found 1 seated in my life and that was an 1875 dime in Kansas when I was a teenager. I know what you mean about the dead zone. So far this year I have found 1 1827 large cent and about 25 coins from 1893 to 1910 but nothing in between!

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