Still Frozen

Well, I obviously haven’t updated this page in a while, simply because, between the snow, rain, polar vortexes (WTF?) and general frozen conditions, I haven’t been out since 12/31.  But, it was relatively warm on Friday around here, and yesterday it made it to the mid 60s, so I gave it go today.

But, the ground was still frozen, aside from the top inch or so.  Some guys detect in frozen ground, but I just can’t deal with it.  It takes too long to get the targets out, and you have to chisel with a Lesche or something, and that risks damaging a good coin.  And forget about digging deep, iffy targets.

I got one beautiful signal, that had a good chance of being a copper or silver, but turned out to be a copper colonial buckle.  Those and crotal bells get you every time.  It took me 5-10 minutes to get it, and it wasn’t all that deep.  This is a hobby, and supposed to be fun, not work.

I guess I could clean it up, but I’m not a buckle guy.

So, I guess that “polar vortex” really did a number on our ground, and it could stay frozen for quite some time, even if the daytime temp is above freezing.  I’m imagining a huge block of ice down there that will take forever to thaw, so I may be out of business for a good long while.  We’ll see.

(And, just a note tracking my new battery life, I was out for about 45 minutes today).

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