Silver Streak Snapped

Monday I pulled a couple more rosies at the private property permission honeyhole, my 42nd silver from that site, and while it is thinning, I don’t think it is done.  Problem is, the grass is getting high there, and it may need to be tabled til elsetime.

And today I pulled a rosie at a sort of standby site; its the sort of site you can often get a stray silver dime or two, or a couple of wheaties, but I’ve never pulled a silver bigger than a dime there, and there is little prospect of older silver, so it is sort of a site for when I have little time and when I am in the area.

The problem is, what happened between those days.  I received a tip as to where an old fairgrounds and baseball field were.  I did the research (the tip checked out), drove by the site, took one look, and said this is a 50 to 150 silver site.

It was private property, but I located the owner and secured permission.  Not only that, the owner, who had been the owner for a very long time, claimed it had never been detected, nor had the evil fill and grade twins been there.

What could be better?  What could be better is finding a 64 rosie with a hole in it, as a colleague of mine once  put it.  Not a single silver from this site in two days of hard hunting.  I did pull a couple of wheaties, but this snapped a 22 hunt silver streak, and I had visions of a monster site.

What went wrong?  I have no idea.  I’m rarely wrong about judging a site (my weakness is getting access to sites, but once I’m there, I’m pretty effective). All I can say is that the grass was high overall, but I found plenty of sections where the grass was low enough to at least prove the site.  Most likely, the site has been hunted without the owner’s knowledge, but even so, hard-hunted sites give up silvers to the mighty E-Trac.

I don’t know what went wrong.  Once you think you have this game figured out, something like this happens.  Well, I have carte blanche to hunt the site; I will try again when and if the grass is ever really low (by nature of the site, they don’t mow it, but there should have been evidence of old coins in the low grass sections).

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