More Field Silver

Not as exciting as the last one, but the recent field that produced the 1830 bust half produced a silver dime yesterday –

Gorgeous, don’t you think?  We’ll, I do, especially as silver coins are really hard to find, and this field has now quietly turned into a 3 silver site.  They can’t all be bust silvers and reales, now can they?  And what if I did dig another bust silver, could I even get away with posting it?  Would anyone believe be? Too effin’ bad I didn’t get the chance to try, cause I was certainly hoping for another one.  This was a five hour hunt that produced not only the rosie, but a toasted wheatie and zincoln as well.  Field hunting can try your patience.

And today was another 5 hour hunt, where I pulled exactly 2 coins, both of them zincolns.  Are you kidding me?  (Could have been IH’s or draped bust half dimes, both of which ring up the same, in my experience).

I was considering making this Farewell Farewell day, cause it is a Friday, but I really want to cover the entire field, and get a coin count and other statistics (us economists, always worrying about numbers, but it does help, at least it helps me), for future reference, but I could not finish it today.  And besides, I had gotten a silver coin on 3 of the 4 hunts, 2 of them really old, so why not try to complete the site?  May be another big fish here.  Not that anyone will believe me, but that will be a fun problem to have.  And besides, its the way the mind works — score big in a certain zone, the mind wants to hang out in that zone (at least mine does).

I did have a few exciting high tones today, and this was the best.  I dug 12 inches (measured), to dig this treasure.  Just proves the E-Trac can nail deep targets in clean soil, cause it ain’t that thick, and it ain’t that large.

I’m not a relic guy, but my best guess is that it is something that women put in their hair (or may have put in their hair 200 years ago). I don’t know what the term is, but I do know my sister had similar looking things made of plastic that she put in her hair in the 70s.  This one is made of copper. Hopefully Pink will bail me out on this one :)

All I can say is that I think it is a nice tell.  Hopefully the lady of the house dropped a few silvers nearby while she was messing with her hair.  We’ll see, but I’m not too optimistic.

2 thoughts on “More Field Silver

  1. Neat spot, you never know what the next target will be. Even if they were “fields” at that time, farmers on a tractor still pull out their handkerchief to blow their nose and lose a coin once in awhile (even a dime once every fifty years, or so it would appear from that 1950 beauty you found).

  2. I’m working on it without much success. :( Stan is in agreement with you that it is a hair accessory. But I don’t know, if it is the type with the pin going through it (I wore them too in the 70s :) ) it is positioned the wrong way. Might need to meet for lunch so I can look at it! Or bring it to FC when you run. You can stop by pre-run or we can look for you after the run.

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