1830 Bust Half (VF 30ish)

Another find of a lifetime.  I’m fortunate enough to have had 2.  Just a random spot in a random field, sometimes better to be lucky than good.  I like hunting fields for a change, but most of the time you get occasional reales and coppers, after hours and hours of patience.  This was a nice treat.  Came in bouncing between 01-42 and 22-something on the E-Trac, about 8 inches.  Saw the eagle first, thought it might be a walker, then turned it over and was shocked to see the bust.  I was jacked.  Here is the original blog entry.

As for ranking it #2 on this list, tough call, but a good problem to have I, guess.  It is a stunning coin, and should be #1, maybe.  OTOH, the draped bust half dime is also beautiful, much rarer, and worth considerably more.  Even tho it is a smaller bust silver, it is a type older, and I’ve never ever seen one posted on an MD forum, so I think it is a harder find as well.  So, that’s that, tough decision.

Found: 19-Nov-2013; Location: field; Machine: E-Trac.

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