Monday, went back to the site from Sun which produced 6 silvers (who wouldn’t), and it was pretty much dead outside of the one hot zone.

So, I decided to to something I rarely do, and cross grid the hot zone, given all the older coins I found in that one section, and not much anywhere else.

As a matter of explanation, when I say I “grid out a site” (which I almost always do), what I really do can prolly best be described as “cornrowing”, not truly “gridding”.  I go down one rank of a section of the site, then come back right next to that rank the other way.  I call it gridding but it really means covering every inch of the site as efficiently as possible, while neither missing any of it, or going over any of it twice (both, of which, IMHO are inefficient except at the most ferrous infested sites).

What I call “crossgridding” is what I think some other people call “gridding”.  That means cornrowing as above, but then cornrowing the entire section at 90 degrees, thus covering each piece of terrain twice.  I’ve always thought that that was a waste of time, and doing so has rarely produced much for me beyond the original grid.

But, this seemed an appropriate site for it.  First of all, the site has awkward vegetation, making a clean low and slow grid difficult, having to work around awkward obstacles, and secondly, the old coin density just begged for another pass.

So, that’s what I did, crossgridded the dense hot zone, and found exactly one coin.  At least it was a rosie.  We’ll take it.

Well, I dunno if that was pic worthy, but silver coins are really hard to find, so we cherish them all — all hard won.

Tuesday was back to the same site for a shortened hunt, to try to make sense of it — if it has one hot zone, maybe it has another, but I got bupkis, and got sick of the frustrating vegetation, trash, and so forth.  There’s alot of terrain left here, but it is difficult detecting to say the least, so I’ll at least table it for a day, or maybe longer.

I’m writing this on the 13th, but its really for the 12th and has been backdated.  I don’t even have time to blog anymore.

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