Brandywine Springs Group Hunt

Today was the group hunt at Brandywine Springs Park, in New Castle County, Delaware.  The site used to be an old amusement park and a couple of old hotels were there, but I didn’t hold out much hope for the site, as word on the street is that it is pretty much hunted out.  Moreover, it was supposed to rain, and my E-Trac gets wonky in the rain — I simply can’t hunt if it rains above a drizzle, or I risk the machine.

Sean did an excellent job of organizing it, and its always fun to meet up and hunt with others, even if you don’t expect to find anything.

First thing I did was head right for the most difficult terrain, a steep, wooded, hillside.  I figured that if there was any chance of finding anything, it would be there.  I did find an old butterknife, which is constructive (any big, old, metal target is at such a site), but no coins.

After a bit of that misery, I went for some of the more obvious areas, and found nothing, not a single coin, even a clad, except for one wheatie, and only found that cause the dirt had recently been disturbed.  Unbelieveable how clean this place was.  Couldn’t even find trash.

Rain started, and was gonna call it a day, one coin the entire morning just isn’t enough to keep me motivated, but when the rain stopped, I went out for a bit more to a different section, as I have a very long silver streak running that I wanted to continue, and I pulled a deep barber dime on its side.  I figured that was the only way I would get one in this place. Rain started again, and I had to go in.

After that, Dogpound pulled a seated not 10 feet from where my barber was, which would have been mine, had it not been for the rain cutting my gridding short, so after that we both really attacked that area, but no more coins were given up.

Total on the day, 4 or 5 hours of hunting was exactly 4 coins, the barber, the wheatie, a  clad dime, and a zincoln.  That’s it.  Amazing. Also amazing was that Sean pulled both a barber quarter and dime from the site, and his friend pulled a barber half.  I believe that that is all the silver the 20-30 detectorists pulled on the day, tho.

This marks the 6th state I have pulled silver in (CT, DE, MD, MI, NJ, PA; see, I track everything).

Despite pulling only one silver, it was quite a fun day.  Thanks Sean, if you are reading.

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