Yesterday’s $91.04 Piece

Pink, of course, figured it out.  The damn thing really is from 1860.  Bummer.  Too bad it ain’t a seated.  Its sort of like finding a 2 cent piece,. except that it isn’t.

My German was a bit off; instead of $91 dollars, the front really says 1/90th of a dollar.  I was close, sort of (I should have been able to figure that out last night; I just didn’t.  Oh well).  It seems they used some sort of Sumerian number system where there were 360 pennies to a dollar, so this thing is 4/360th of a dollar.  Who knew?  Its also from Prussia, not Germany proper, and since I spent a good part of my life living in an oddly named town around here called King of Prussia (which now is a disaster; don’t ever visit, especially since its my second best silver town :) ), I guess I have a cosmic connection to this piece of foreign clad.  Or, maybe not.

Here is one of Pink’s links that describes this thing.  I guess some would think its cool.  Maybe I should be one of them.

So, today’s hunt, while I’m here, produced bupkis.  Back to the recent site, to claim those 1-2 silvers in the graded area, and they just weren’t there.  There ain’t nothing there anymore.  Working grids into dead zones.  Sounds fun.  And it rained on top of that, not enough to make the ground wet, but enough to wonk out my machine, so I called it a day.

I guess I need to close the site, despite covering only about 50% of the area.  I think I’ve played it well, but who knows?  I’m tired of fighting the mineralization, and will at least table the site for now, and look for greener pastures.  I think I may also take a little break from detecting, given everything else that is going on.  Next update will prolly be sometime next week.

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