No Pfuckin’ Luck

So, with a title like that, and a big silver like this, and a rosie as the best find of the day, the story better be good.  Lets hope so, we’ll see.

So, back to our site of recent entries, and there is this crap zone between sort of the logical zone to work (which I had been working, but finished up this edge), and a tot lot.  I really want to get on the tot lot, cause it is always crawling with kids, meaning the competition hasn’t had much of a go at it (in theory, anyway).

So, working the crap zone, hoping the tykes decide to vacation on Planet Elsewhere for a while (and hoping not to spook out the moms; not really a risk, cause I dress well when I detect, and try to look as decent as possible, in case the locals come chat it up and let me detect their houses — tip to newbies — do this; this has happened to me several times, but not today, or ever, at this site), and, finding, well, crap.  Well whaddya expect?  It is a crap zone after all.

But crap zones can be good.  I usually find good stuff there, but those who have been following the stores of this site know that the mineralization is challenging, and good, deep targets can be a struggle.  Its just a matter of cleaning this zone off the books, while waiting for the kids to go away.  I figure I ain’t gonna find any deep dimes, but I think I may find a deep Q.  Instead, I find a deep walker.  Unbelievable.  Just sort of out of the blue after finding only one wheatie, over 2 hours.  Was about 7 or 8 inches deep.

That would be my 5th silver half dollar of the year.  Way down from last year, but so are all the numbers.  I think that is good, tho, as these things go (well, its good in my world, anyway).  It was just such a shock to see it in the hole at this place; but as this place is 1870s old, I thought it could be a seated when I first saw it; just amazing how the hopeful mind works.

So, on we go, unlike the tykes, who I imagine will retire in that tot lot, and we get another deep, goodie.  This is a deep, high tone, big target,  that has “1860″ printed on it.

Are you pfucking kidding me?  What the pfuck is a pfenninge?  If I dig some deep, big high tone thing that says “1860″ on it, it better pfucking have Lady Liberty having a seat.  Always bridesmaid.  Everything but the supermodel.  Just like that 1818/7 S SLQ that prolly won’t pass muster at the grading agencies.  Always seem to miss it by just that much

Anyway, what the pfuck is this thing?  I’ve had enough high school German to guess that the front says $91 dollars, and the back says 4 cents.  A $91.04 piece.  Not bad,.  Bet no one else reading this has ever found such.  I’m actually hoping the thing is some modern token, and I really didn’t miss a big seated by that much.  Foreign clad.  Gimme a break.  I’ll research the thing sometime when I’m bored, tho I’m sure my German speaking readers will beat me to it :)   (and no offense to anyone with German (or other) heritage; the offense is to this coin’s non-seated heritage :) )

But, there’s more.  There are parts of the site that are graded, and it is unclear whether the grading predates the silver era or not.  There is only one way to find out, and that is to put a coil on it.  And, not long after, pops out a rosie.  Whohoo, the graded zone, which I had written off, is now in play (too bad I’ve had to write off the huge sections that seem hard packed/over mineralized, per last entry).  The rosie opens the zone, making it the best find of the day, cause its not about finding silver, its about finding silver zones and sites.  (The graded zone is too small to produce more than one or two more, so the walker is of course better, but hey, what do you want from bad stream of consciousness writing; this blog is about how I think about finding silver, after all).

So, that’s 5 hunts in a row with at least 1 silver coin, and 19 silvers from this site so far.  We’ll take it.

4 thoughts on “No Pfuckin’ Luck

  1. Only you and your analytical mind can look at that hunt and say “No Pfuckin’ Luck”. Too Pfunny! Well congrats on your finds and I hope you find a Seated spill because I would love to know what you would title that entry. Enjoy your entries as always!

  2. Of course the walker was awesome. Don’t get too many of ‘em. I was having a very rough day yesterday on several fronts.

    I just I always seem to miss it by just that much. It wore a bit thin yesterday. I’ll bet its much more probable to find an 1860s seated than that thing. Pink, of course, figured out the coin, will post later cause we can’t have links in comments or we get 400 spams a day.

  3. You’ve probably pfigured this out by now, since it is over a year since you posted it, but if not here’s what it is: A Prussian 4 pfennig piece. 90 Einen Thaler meant it took 90 of these coins to make one thaler, which was a large silver coin a little bigger and heavier than a Seated half. And it’s Prussian (not German) because this was the time before German unification when there were 30 or 40 little German states running around striking their own coins. I actually have an 1860 Prussian thaler in my collection – don’t ask me why.

    Anyway, this story kind of reminds me of a sledding hill which I’ve repeatedly hit in a 100 year old park that was also used by soldiers since the Revolution. We’ve found lots of flat buttons, Buffs, a V, an Indian, a handful of Mercs, wheats galore, and a Barber dime or two but never a “big fish” coin. So one day I get a nickel beep and thinking yet another pull tab when a coin pops out with Germanic lettering. I thought “WOW, this is it” – heart was pumping as I thought I finally had my first 1700′s coin and was imagining what Hessian soldier might have dropped it. Then I cleaned it off: “Freie Stadt Danzig 1923″. % $#×%/%÷$#%&#. How did this thing get from Danzig to New Jersey and wreck my dream of a big fish find??? Still was a lot of fun to find it…

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