Liberty Cap LC + YTD Silver #100

After last year of pulling 516 silvers, I didn’t expect to pull even 10% of that total this year, figuring most of my sites were washed up, and the warm end of the year was simply pulling this year’s total into last year.

But, I’ve had a good winter so far (and I guess its spring now), and I managed to pull just one dime today, a 43D merc, but it is my 100th silver coin of the year.  Certainly not on last year’s pace, having gone thru almost a quarter of the year already, but we will certainly take it.  Each and every one is fun to dig, and that’s what it is all about.

Yesterday I also pulled a rosie, and this treasure, a liberty cap large cent. Some people go gaga over these.  I know, they are really old, and sort of rare, but this is the third one I’ve dug, and they always come out of the ground totally abused.  Maybe I should be more grateful, ’cause I know someday I’ll be begging to pull a wheatie.  Its just the abuse that annoys me, I think.  Were it to come out of the ground clean, even if worn, I’d celebrate for a week.


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