Not much detecting lately — got out Tuesday to do a field hunt, something I rarely due cause you rarely find anything, and that’s pretty much what happened.

Yesterday got out to the 7 silver site with the cache, and pulled 9 wheaties and not one silver coin.  Really frustrating.  Did find this sterling peace earring, tho,  Thought it was a half dime when I saw it in the dirt at first.  Too bad,

Zone 1 of that site is pretty much done, and zones 2 and 3 gave not given up any good tells on quick prospecting.  They are both huge, but both may be dead.  Looking like a 7 silver site at this point.

2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Finding a pair of earrings is hard. Only done it once. But when I did find this one, I extra carefully gridded for the other one.

    BTW, how do you lose earrings? I don’t wear them, so I have no clue. But, based on simple physics and math, given the putative mechanism for losing one, its seems remarkably unlikely to lose two at the same time.

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