Sweat Baby Sweat

95 degrees. 100% humidity.  For all the whining back in February when it was too cold to exist, but I was pulling 65 silvers from that site at the time, I was in my climatic element today. Sweat was literally dripping everywhere, mixing with dirt, and where I wasn’t muddy, I was totally soaked.  A pleasant image in your mind’s eye for sure.  And the sweat was the only thing that gave even a modicum of dampness to the bone dry dirt, as it hasn’t rained in forever around here.  But, I love it.  I like heat.  Bring it on.  Global warming to the max, baby!  Truth be told, however, I’d rather freeze and be working a 65 silver site than be comfortable and moving from one barely double digit (or less) site to the next.

Anyway, after that ridiculous preamble, onto the detecting.  Back to yesterday’s site, which, unfortunately, shrunk after looking at more maps and aerials — buildings, fill and grade, and so forth making certain zones worthless.

Working off yesterday’s grid tho, which produced a 2 dimes and a ring, I got 2 rings and a dime.  The dime, unlike me, is 20 something (haven’t worked the dirt off yet), but if its a 21, I’ll be sure to post an update.

I was using the stock coil rather than the big unit, as I suggested I might, and noticed no difference in mineralization or noise.  The big unit, as the cards sat, might have been a better choice, as it would have covered the ground faster.  I expected better performance from the stock at this highly mineralized, ferrous infested site, but I was wrong.  Maybe I’m just comfortable with the big unit (when its working, of course), in pretty much any ground at this point.

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