Couple of Dimes

First time out for a while, except a quick hunt at a volleyball court the other day to look for gold, and more importantly, test the big unit.  Coil was fine for a while, but then started to get wonky.  And this was a sandy volleyball court with no noise at all (and no gold either, as it turned out).

Tried all the usual things like lowering the channel and power cycling, and nothing helped, so I figured it was another big unit gone bad.  Then I disconnected it from the console, and reconnected it, and it was fine, and was fine today.  The connection didn’t seem loose, but that seemed to be the trick.  Go figure.

Today’s site was an older park (at least before the 30s), which I last visited in April, 2010 and was always excited about.  In those days I had a V3, and was quite disappointed in its performance (one of the reasons I went with the E-Trac a month later and then actually started finding silver), tho I did find some sort of religious pendant on that hunt.

This site sort of has a main section, and several out of the box sections.  This time I started in one of the out of the box sections, and hit a silver ring (not stamped), a rosie, and a merc, in the first 90 minutes.  Not bad.

The rosie was at just 2 inches, and the merc and ring were at about 4 inches.  The site is hard, tons of iron, and no real clean TID, which means you have to dig the clad.  Yuck.  It’s a hard site, but fortunately not as hard as the last one, with all that brutal high tone trash.

I look over the site, after the first 90 minutes, and figure it is a 5-25 silver site.  But, as I pressed on, no more silver was to be found, tho I got a couple of good sounding deep clads and some sort of copper toy.

As this section of the site was so hard, I decided the big unit wasn’t the best choice of coils, at least for this section, and figured I’d come back sometime with the stock coil.  I had some time left, so I tried one of the other out of the box sections, which I felt might even be more promising, but I did not find one single coin in about 30 minutes.  It was a much cleaner site, which once again shows that the harder the site is, the better chance you have.

Finally, I went to the main section  for about a half hour, where the V3 didn’t hit much deep, and I was hitting deep clad left and right.  I said to myself, its gotta be here., and at the very end, I got a nice, deep 10-46 which I was certain was a dime or quarter, but it was a huge base metal ring.  Are you kidding me?  Oh well.

Well, this site has promise, as it is on the large side, and has good tells.  OTOH, it appears to have huge dead zones, so its hard to guess where it will come out.  Could be as much as a 10 silver site, but maybe all I’ll get is the 2 from today; we’ll see.

Also, on the downside, the place is far.  45 minutes to get there, and 60 to get home.  Yikes.  I believe 95% of my silvers have been found within 25 minutes from my house (maybe I’ll figure that out someday), and that extra time just cuts into hunting time.  Oh well.

One thought on “Couple of Dimes

  1. I had the exact same issue a couple weeks ago when I went to try out the Ultimate at my favorite spot. This spot is 4 hours away and was the main reason I got this coil. So I get there and all I got was chatter chatter chatter. I noise cancelled a bunch of times and finally I had enough of it and switched over to the stock coil. Ah the sweet music of the ETrac hum! At the end of the hunt I decided for a goof to put the Ultimate back on and it seemed completely normal. This was a great relief but also I’m concerned now that it will go out sooner than later. Looking forward to the Ultimate 2.0 some day.

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