Double Digit Day

What do you do when you are on a roll at a honeyhole?  Go to a different site, of course.  That’s what I did earlier in the year, and that’s what I did today, ’cause I thought the reasons were compelling.

In this case, the honeyhole is a permission site, and this new site, by its nature, can only be detected on weekends (gee, I wonder what sort of site it is?).

Well, this time it was a good call.  Day started out very slow, and even clad was hard to find.  Clearly I wasn’t the first one here, but eventually I pulled a very deep barber dime, and a couple of wheaties.  That keeps you going.

Still pretty dead after that, until I got a deep, iffy signal that turned out to be a dateless SLQ. But then, right near the SLQ, I could hardly swing the coil without getting a deep silver hit.  Unbelievable! I pulled 11 silvers from that one area.

How can a site be so dead then have these hot pockets?  I’ve seen it before, and hopefully i will see it again.

This is my 11th double digit silver day, and first of the year.  Hopefully many more to come, tho I am certainly not expecting it. Oh, and I guess it is a trifecta as well.

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