Nailed Some Silver Today

First hunt since last entry.  Sort of on a mini-vacation lately, or, what we like to call a vacation to Chester County.

But, back to that pain in the ass site with tons of high tone trash, rocks, and other annoyances, to try to close it out, and I do a large edge, out of the box section, and I get bupkis.  Then I say I’ll do two grid ranks further into the primary zone, , and, unless I get a good tell, I’m done here, and am closing the site.

But, after mountains and mountains of more high tone trash, all of which I dug, I got one that worked, on the second rank, just before closing the site.  It was a very consistent 01-46 to 01-47, and turned out to be a 1943 Q with a nail on top.  You can even see the ferrous stains on poor George’s head.

(You can also see the nail, which I’ve also included (obviously), cause if I didn’t, the title would be cheesier than usual).

The Q was only 3 inches deep, 100 yards from the parking lot (as is pretty much all of this small park), and 3 feet from a path and 10 feet from a tot lot.  Tons of coils have passed over this coin.  Just goes to show that its the machine, not the man, contrary to all the bullshit you might read elsewhere, (tho I suppose a certain mental tenacity to dig all the high tone trash and keep at it at this brutal site has helped).

So, what this means is that I have to persist at this site and close out all of it, rather than go on to more pleasant pastures.  Its now a 5 silver site, at the high end of original prediction of 3-5.  At most, one more, and its a hard, frustrating, unfun site.  Why am I doing it, who knows? — the prospect of silver draws us on forever, even into irrationality.

So, there’s a bit more.  Dug 9 clad quarters, and 1 clad dime today.  Just goes to show how tough the site is, and frustrates me as to the number of silver dimes that are being missed.  Also, why the 01-46, 01-47 print on the Q?  IMHO, and I’m no engineer, its cause metal is metal, and even in see thru mode, and even in ferrous black out mode, the metal of the nail adds.  Always go by tone, but if you are reading numbers, keep this in mind.

Ok, botched this one, but that’s that and I have to move on and make some sangria for Sunday.  That 2 day lead time is certainly the secret sauce, but it is also such a pain in the ass,

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