More Silverware

Back to the site of the past few days, and pulled yet another piece of silverware.  This one looks like a butter knife with the end gone missing (who brings a butter knife to a picnic?  I guess whoever brings a stick of butter and those fancy rolls).  If I keep at it, I may yet get a sterling place setting from this site.  Unfortunately, no silver coins or other finds worth noting today.

Just in the silverware, that’s over 55 grams of silver from this place.  That’s like finding about 23 silver dimes.  Sheesh.  And the silverware is just as old, if not older.  I’d rather have 23 experiences than 3.  It just don’t work that way, tho, and on top of that, this butter knife is ugly.  Not like a merc (or 23) in the hole, that’s for sure.

Well, I’ll never figure this site out, but, fortunately, I don’t have to, cause its almost done.  Very weird, to say the least.

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