Yet Another Q

Back to yesterday’s site.  This is the sort of site where you really have to bring your A game.  There’s trash.  There’s big trash.  There’s brutal mineralization.  The ground is hard.  The ground is rocky.  There’s alot of deep high tone trash that sounds to die for, until its some nameless copper widget 10 inches deep, which burns you out digging for it (but you dig anyway, cause it could be a seated half or something, given how old the area is).  The E-Trac sounds like a bad heavy metal band playing out of key on cheap equipment.  Brutal.

I don’t know if I have my A game at this place, but I did find 2 wheaties in the first 15 minutes, and another Q within an hour.  Not bad.  The Q was sort of hard, between some trash and in highly mineralized ground.  A double whammy.  Saw a bit of 9-44 on my screen, but its more the tone that gave it away.  That sweet sound rarely lies, even when the numbers do.

It was 7 inches deep and fairly hard.  I figured I’d never find a dime under these conditions at this place, and would have to be content with quarters.  And I didn’t find a single clad dime in 3.5 hours of hunting (I don’t dig shallow coins), but I did manage to find a merc right at the end of the hunt.

It was also a weird signal, one of these 18-46, 20-46 sorts of things which almost always are bulbous ferrous objects, but you gotta dig all of these, cause there is absolutely know way to know (at least that I’m aware of), to tell the difference between the bulbous ferrous object and a deep silver in iron that the E-Trac sees in “see thru mode” (if you know the answer, please post).  Sure enough, after I pulled the merc and closed the hole, nothing but null.  It was about 5.5 inches deep.

Its frustrating to know that there are more dimes here, but I can’t see them for technical reasons.  I’m tempted to swap out the big unit for the pro coil so see if it cuts down on the mineralization, but I like the way you can just mow thru a site with the big unit.  I’m torn on this one.

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Q

  1. I have such a site as well. Old schoolyard, loaded with iron, rock hard ground. Two hours yielded bupkis, but I was in explore mode, trying to appraise the site. I know, slow down and maybe use the 6×8 SEF. I know, that iron is protecting the goodies and the Etrac will see through it. Site has been hit by other detectorists, but who knows if they found anything. This site is now a personal challenge. You would eat it up. My mantra for this site will be “Bring your A game”.

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