Another Quarter

God it was nice to get out today, even if only for a couple of hours.  First time I got out since last entry, aside from one short hunt last week where I tried to finish off that site.  The only area of that site left is the area around the tot lot, and it is always crawling with tots.  Sheesh, don’t those tots know that tot lots and the areas around them are for detectorists?  I was gonna blow the area off, but as I got closer to the tot lot, I was hitting wheaties, so I’ll have to come back in cold weather when no one is there.  Could be the ever-present tots have defended the area well, tho in all honesty I don’t expect to find anything, but I like to close off sites.  Being anal once got me a barber half, so I always do it.

Today’s site was a brand new site, a small park I noticed when driving from PT to the last place.  The site sounded awful; the E-Trac clearly did not like being there, but I did manage to pull a Q after about a half hour or so.  2 deep bottlecaps and a deep clad penny were also nice tells before I found it.

The problem with the site is that the ground is hard and rocky, and the mineralization is brutal.  But, getting a Q on your first visit is a good omen.  I also got 2 or 3 wheates, and those beautiful deep bottlecaps, so that’s all good.  I’m betting a 3-5 silver site at this point, we’ll see.  There might be a problem getting dimes due to the mineralization, tho I did get a couple of deep clad ones.

The nice thing about the site that it is adjacent to a very old church, and some very old houses.  The hope is a big fish spillover from those, or even meeting an owner.  We’ll see.

Its interesting that I’ve gotten more Q’s than dimes lately, and ‘ve been thinking about that.  Getting a Q is like getting 2 dimes plus, right?  But I was thinking I’d prefer a 2 dime hunt to a 1 Q hunt.  Not rational, says the economist.  Just goes to show that its about the experience, not the value, and economists tend to lose sight of these intangibles when doing their analysis.   Ok, enough geekspeak, but another question is: which is better: a 5 dime hunt, or a half dollar hunt.  This is tougher, but again I may come down on the side of the 5 dimes.  The rarity of finding half dollars jacks that experience factor up, but 5 silver experiences in a single day are pretty special — in fact, its greater than the sum of each experience.  Not that I ever expect that experience again.  Been a long time, sadly.

In other news, I got yet another e-mail about so and so wanting to sponsor me.  Are these people for real?  I wonder if they actually read the site.  Who knows?  But, I can’t figure out what’s in it for them (economists always look for the incentive motive of everyone; that’s why we are such a cynical lot (or, maybe born cynics just become economists)).  My guess is that it is along the lines of give me your bank routing # to deposit the funds.  I’m tempted to do it, just to find out.  Curiosity certainly killed the cat, but cats also have nine lives, so we’ll see.  (BTW, and I just noticed this, “curiosity” is a curious word.  The morphology of the “ity” ending, which is common enough to morph an adjective to a noun, nails that “u”.  I never knew that until the spell checker got in my face.  Its rare for morphology to nail an inner letter.  Cool.  I love playing with words (“tendon” and “tendinitis” is my favorite example of this; and people who say English spelling is easy and not arbitrary are morons).

Speaking of wordplay, I haven’t done much metal detecting lately cause I’ve been working 24×7 the past few days on this letterboxing clue.  I don’t think people realise how long these things take to put together.  Just the artwork for that grid is intense labor, not to mention the website coding (I still do this by hand using a text editor using pretty much all deprecated html codes, and I guess it shows.  I remember when I did the blog like that.  Yikes.  I guess I need to break down and get a CMS, but who as the time?).  And none of that stuff even counts the actual content, and putting those puzzles together is hard (but that’s fun, I might do some more of them, cause wordplay is fun).  And I didn’t even do the stamp carving for this project.  Prolly my last letterboxing clue.  The dude I did it for didn’t even bother to thank me (tho I suppose he may someday, I guess), but some different dude did drop $10 in my PayPal today.  Thanks!  Not sure if it was for the blog or the boxes, but cool nonetheless.

Yikes.  Way too much about non-metal detecting topics.  That’s just to scare the prospective sponsors away and baffle the search engines.  But, maybe if I actually start metal detecting again, we’ll be on topic going forward.  We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Another Quarter

    • It already has. I have quite a library of sites mapped out that way now, every new site gets researched that way. I like pulling GPS coordinates and going to “the exact spot”. Also encouragement to put pen to paper on the subject of travel routes, or flow paradigms or whatever it might be called. Too often the stuff is not where I think it will be, but shows up in a totally unexpected section. Maybe something will turn on a lightbulb in my head.

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