Copper and Silver Ring

Got out for the first time since the last entry; between parties, puzzles, and physical therapy, all things I’m really bad at (tho McBrae’s sangria went over pretty well yesterday; when guest are eating the sangria fruit, you know you nailed it, time to put the recipe online), it was nice to get out and do something I am good at.  And, yes, metal detecting is something you can actually be good at, which is a bit surprising, when you think about it.

Back to the park from the last 2 entries, trying to close it out, into the out of the box section, and it was the ultimate everything but the girl hunt, all the good tells, and even scored an 1810 largie and a silver ring.  But no silver coins.  The largie is in decent shape as these things go around here — full liberty and full date, tho of course a bit abused.

The coin was only 3 inches deep, and just 4 feet from the property line of a 50s era house.  I think my knowledge of the park boundaries, and the private property boundaries have allowed me to squeeze a couple more keepers out of this site.  The recent silver Q’s were in the same paradigm, and it is not a totally obvious paradigm, as the density compared to the rest of the site proves.

Only my 5th copper of the year, so it has been a down year in that dept (not to mention the silver dept, of course), but, I really haven’t detected as much this year.  Maybe as I get past commitments, crises, and my injuries, I’ll be able to do more going forward.  We’ll see.

One thought on “Copper and Silver Ring

  1. Glad you got out! Hope the PT is help. Would love the Sangria recipe if you get a chance. Thanks for the fun, you do puzzles better than me.

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