Merc This Morning

Got out for about 2.5 hours this morning, to a 50s park I was hitting early in the year, and hit a couple of weeks ago, and was skunked.  It was a six silver site (now 7), and I just wanted one final hunt to clean up some loose edges, and mark it “closed” in the db, and I also wanted a site with very few targets to minimize the stress on my knees and feet.

Its still dead, but I did muster a 1929 merc and a 1920 wheatie, and just 4 clads.  One of the clads was a zincoln at 7 inches.  Are you kidding me?  It was in with a dime, and it sounded like a 12-38.  Since I found a copper at this park, I figured why not dig it?  Boy I was pissed.

The merc was right on the edge of the site about a foot into the woods in some tall grass.  Only 3 inches deep, and came in as a 12-44.  Sounded good tho, tho I really expected to be a penny.  I was quite surprised.

So, we have a zincoln at 7 inches, and a merc at 3 inches.  Coins usually sink further in the sunny, grassy area, than the wooded areas.

One thought on “Merc This Morning

  1. That would seem to be the classic worn Merc that reads a few points lower than a typical silver dime for some reason. I’m always happy to get them. If I am in a site where I consider them a good possibility, it means I end up digging a lot of 12-44 and 12-43 signals.

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