Nice to See Silver

Just a ’62 rosie this morning, but we’ll take it.  This, from a new site for me, a school from the 40s or 50s.  Got it within the first 15 minutes of hunting, which seemed like a good sign, but the site was otherwise dead.  Just 4 clad coins, and no wheaties or other good tells.  Site is huge, but the ground is rocky and hard (despite a bit of recent rain), so I may table it for a while (but, since it is a school, will only be able to hunt it in the summer, so we’ll see).

I haven’t seen a silver coin come out of the dirt since 6/25, before today.  I haven’t gotten out much at all, tho.  Only three hunts since the starflake entry, and one was very brief due to rain.  All were at the starflake/woods trifecta site, kicking around this old barn or stable type building that looks at least 200 years old.  Hunted out, unfortunately, as I feared due to the really shallow rock, but you can always hope to get lucky.  Did get a couple really deep copper relics in a couple of spots, and 3 shallow wheaties, so it was possible.

Too much rain, family, work, holiday, and marathon training to get out much, which is how I imagine it will be for a while.  Detecting and marathon training don’t mix, as detecting is so hard on your knees, and you run the risk of injury.  And running 20 miles in our heat and humidity leaves you to shot to detect.

So that’s that.  May get out for an hour this afternoon tho, we’ll see.

One thought on “Nice to See Silver

  1. I can relate. What was supposed to be a long, productive hunt for me on Sunday at the promising new site discovered on Tuesday (including 3 silver items in under an hour) became a hot, mosquito-infested, raining, muddy misery affair with an end result of just $4 in clad quarters, 2 plated rings and 9 really crappy (i.e. dissolving) wheats. The only silver I got this weekend was the last place I’d expect, my local fairgrounds where I have never found a keeper and this ended up being a grey, corroded FDR dime at a whopping 2 inches deep in some fill sand. Geeeeeeeez. . . . .

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