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I guess that’s a reasonable title, who knows?  To me, I think its sad when the focus is more on the bad stream of consciousness writing (and the editing or lack thereof), than the actual metal detecting (cause, it is, after all, a “metal detecting blog”, rather than a “bad stream of consciousness writing blog” (and believe me, there are a bzillion of the latter out there, cause bad words strung together by every moron with a browser and an internet connection are easy to find, but very few of the former, cause finding silver coins (at least like I do once in a while (or, more accurately, more than once and a while), remains hard).   That said, lets roll it.  (Morning edits are dead (which, of course, means we pre-edit at this stage (too bad for those who understood what was going on, and for those of us who really enjoy spewing bad stream of consciousness writing while calling it something else),  If this don’t scare ‘em away, nothing will)).

So. lets not talk about metal detecting at all, but last night’s concert.  Awesome baby!  Brother at a house concert, full band, tho Dalbo didn’t have a full kit.  Its sort of like one of your favorite bands playing in your living room, which is exactly what it was, except it was someone else’s living room (but what does that matter?, so long as the band is 3 inches away).  Are you kidding me?  A house concert where you can just sit there and talk to the band, and Angus [Brother frontman] says he likes your wife’s brownies (and, BTW, said brownies are awesome).

But, there’s more.  There always is in these bad stream of consciousness (non) edits.  Shelley from Barleyjuice showed up, and jammed on a few songs.  Are you kidding me? And it was awesome and unrehearsed and unexpected (or unexpected and unrehearsed and awesome, take your pick; I only add this parenthetical cause I’m blocked while I think what to drivel next).  When Angus looks at her, and simply said, “we’re in B minor”, and she picked up the fiddle and nailed the accompaniment (or lead, at times), it was too awesome to behold.  And what was also cool was to get a Facebook like from Shelley herself when I commented on the concert.  How cool is that?

But, there’s even more (and we haven’t even gotten to the silver yet).  Jacquie from Albannach was there as well.  Are you kidding me?  For those that don’t know (which, I suppose, is pretty much everyone reading this), Albannach is strictly instrumental (four percussionists and bagpipes (are you kidding me?)), but Jacquie delivered a wonderful vocal performance at this concert with Brother backing her.  Unbelievable.  My Celtic band trifecta — Brother, Barleyjuice, and Albannach, all in one place where you could talk to them about running marathons, brownies, and this and that.  How cool is that?

If you are reading this tonight (and no doubt you are, but if tonite is the night of Midsummer’s, there is still time to get to the Celtic Fling in Lebanon County and at least check out Brother and Albannach (the Juice is in Ohio this weekend, what’s with that?).  I assure it will  totally worth your while (and I have no sponsorships with any entities mentioned herein — only assholes do that — my likes are all from my heart, with the hopes that others will like them as well, with no evidence or expectations of bad experiences).  Both of those bands have a totally unique sound and will be unlike anything you have heard.

So, if we still did morning edits, which we don’t anymore, the preceding bad stream of consciousness of course would have hit the cutting room floor faster than a bad sponsorship deal (which, amazing, I again received, but its nothing material, and again doesn’t understand what actually goes on here), so, finally, its onto the silver (unedited).

I didn’t have much time to metal detect this week, as I spent time time with my son, but, since he sleeps late, I was able to slip out in the mornings for a couple hours, after work was done.

6/18 (Tue) didn’t go so well.  Back to the 8 silver site of recent entries, expanding the grid, and coming up with bupkis.  It was a shortened hunt, however, due to torrential rain.

6/19 (Wed) went a bit better.  Circumstance required me to go to a different site, a blind site that was in my database of prospective sites, but which I knew very little about.  New park on an old site that was once a plantation (I hate that word, but that’s just what it was).  Old trees, old grass, old dirt, old structures, old coins waiting for me, old part of the county, old Scotch waiting for me when I get home with my silver, but, unfortunately, mountains of really young kids running this way and that way in the hot part of the site near the old this and the old that.

So, I just start gridding out the section next to the parking lot, and hit a merc, as my first target, in the first 5 minutes.  Are you kidding me?  Looked like a killer site, but the next two hours, unfortunately, produced bupkis.  Site has potential, however, for the big fish.  Modern park on 300 year old site — density and patience will be the keywords.  Will hit it again sometime.

6/20 (Thu) went back to the intended site for yesterday (the 8 silver site), and pulled a couple more dimes.  Whohoo!  Too bad there isn’t an interesting story here.  There just isn’t, sorry (as if the the stories are interesting, but at least there is something lyrical and primal about stream of consciousness writing).

6/21 (Fri) may produce an interesting story, we’ll see.  Back to the site of all recent entries (except 6/19), to close the site, gridding out the final zones.

First, I keep getting a crap channel (7).  I’ve found over [some number, which seems like alot] silvers, but never found one on channel 7.  I get fed up that the damn thing keeps giving me channel 7, and of course decide to change it, and notice all my other settings are whacked.  I got ground neutral, trash density low, and other nonsense.  What the eff is happening?  Has my machine been possessed and changed all the settings?  Turns out what was happening was that my machine was still in the beach program from when I was testing it for the Myrtle Beach trip.  I’d been hunting that way all week, with no difference in performance or silver run rate.

Of course, this isn’t too surprising, cause I don’t think these settings matter too much.  I think people get too hung up on E-Trac settings, but, IMHO, there are only a couple that matter.  Number 1: channel.  Number 2: channel.  Number 3: channel.  BTW, did I mention the importance of the channel setting?  Beyond that, auto/manual matters (run man 26+), and pattern matters (run white to FE 27 at least and be prepared to go into quickmask all white for those 35-50 silvers; tho I’ve noticed less of them with the big unit).  My tests in the past (and my experience today), suggest that most of the other settings don’t really matter (tho see-thru mode (“trash high”), has in previous entries been suggested as a good idea).

So, today, got a massive silver ring (hard to speculate what appendage this monster was intended for, but it is way too big for my fat, stubby fingers), and a silver Q.  Started the site with a silver Q, and ended with one.  9 dimes in between.  Farewell, farewell.

11 silver site, not bad for a small park.  I rarely have luck at these sorts of small sites.  Since I won’t be back, I’ll show the site for the competition, and where the silvers were.  Not sure this will be interesting or helpful, but why not?  No real pattern to it, sadly, and in fact, no silvers in the northeast section, where I spent pretty much all of the first day, and was saved by the SLQ near first base.  Had I not found that, I may have given up on the site, and missed out on some modern silvers (too bad, as the site is really old, and had the potential for seated silver.  Oldest coin I found was a 1911 wheatie).

So, I think we nailed this one.  But, more importantly, demonstrated why the morning edits, in general, are necessary.  Be all that as it may, my training for a marathon is still my primary hobby at this point, so not sure how frequently the silver will be coming in (and, hence the entries).


4 thoughts on “Silver (unedited)

  1. Wow, like you say, no real pattern there with the location of those finds. Not a lot on the lot edges, seemingly the edge of the infield looks like something, but the infield probably wasn’t there when coins were lost. Interesting anyway.

  2. The distribution might have more to do with technical factors such as mineralization or shallow bedrock, or both. Every silver was very deep, and in fairly clean dirt (except the couple on the edge near the fence, and one in a patch that seemed excavated recently). The baseball field was built in the 40s or 50s, AFAIK, with clean fill, I imagine.

    OTOH, the area to the northeast and east, which is original grade and goes back to the 1800s, was very rocky and had really bad dirt. That means either the coins didn’t sink much and they were easily gotten years ago, or have sunk out of range due to the mineralization.

    On the first day, I started in the NE section, but then got the SLQ in the field. On the last day, I worked the east section, and almost wrote it all off, but then got another silver quarter, just on the edge of it. which was defended by being near the bleachers and some modern trash.

    So, I dunno, if you can figure out these technical factors that can predict the density, you can write large portions of sites off in advance, and be more efficient, but that is hard to do, at least for me.

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