Merc Fest Baby

Ok, so, there’s alot goin’ on here, more than you could know.  Forum morons, other morons, this, that, you get it, but lets just drop the silver and try to keep it somewhat brief (yeah right).

Back to the site from about a week ago that gave me a SLQ, for my first hunt in a while (aside from a 2 hour hunt at the same site on Tuesday that gave up bupkis).  Going back to sites that give up SLQ’s always seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?  Pulled 4 mercs and a sterling Cub Scout ring at this site today.  Are you kidding me?  And this was after hour upon hour of droning threshold and shallow clad, punctuated by the occasional deep wheatie.  In fact, 6 deep wheaties before anything that even resembled shiny showed itself.  I was ready to give up.

But, I didn’t.  Why to I seem inclined to spin some particularly aggressive Motorhead at this juncture?  Cause it would work.  But I didn’t (give up of course, nor did I spin the Motorhead, when there are actually better options), when the tells keep coming, you keep swinging.  Some say if you keep getting wheaties, you will eventually get silvers.  This is what we call a “just so” story in the academic literature; something that sounds true, but is not supported by evidence (economists sometimes call it “gambler’s fallacy” as well, but that’s not accurate cause there is a correlation between wheaties and silvers.  The fallacy is that many falsely belief that correlation is causality) . Anyway, many times getting the wheaties is nice, but doesn’t lead to silvers, just more wheaties.  Been in that boat more times than I care to relate (and it is a skill in and of itself to read a site as cherrypicked like that).  But, today it did, that is, lead to more silvers.  Woohoo!  We’ll take ‘em all, cause silver coins are hard to find.

Oh, and I receive an e-mail claiming that so-and-so want to sponsor me.  Are you kidding me?  (In all likelyhood, I imagine it is a spam or a prank, but it makes good rant material at the end of a rough week).  Not only am I in semi retirement mode from this hobby, at least for the summer; once you succumb to sponsorship, your objectivity, spirit, clear thinking, and all other sorts of words that I could articulate now, but don’t feel like, are compromised,  Are you kidding me?  I’ve seen others compromised by it, so it won’t happen here, not that the prospect is all that likely in the first place.

Oh, there’s more, much more.  But, my son’s school year ends tomorrow.  How much silver will I find this summer?   Hopefully alot, but prolly not as much as in the spring and (prospectively) in the fall.  If I find 10 silver coins between now and September, I will be quite happy (and if I update weekly between now and September, I might even be happier, but don’t count on it).  I can’t except a sponsor and be on the hook to post more and/or hunt more than I feel like.

So, that’s that, a good hunt breaking up a really bad week.  We’ll take it.  And yeah, that last line had to go.  BTW, rather than think of things as morning edits, think of the original posts as nighttime drafts that just happen to be made public :)

4 thoughts on “Merc Fest Baby

  1. In Motorhead terms, you have elected to “Stay Clean” (of sponsorship). Great finds, skill and dedication is still worth something. Almost like some boy scouts set up a concession stand in the middle of a 160 field 70 years ago and today you found that exact spot. The story about why those Mercs escaped detection all those years would be a learning experience in itself.

  2. In all likelyhood, the sponsorship offer was a spam or prank by someone. I’m certain I don’t have enough hits to warrant it, which is a good thing, since I’ve seen what it does to the objectivity of others. But it hit at a bad time, in a really bad week. Pink isn’t gonna like the morning edit, but most everyone works for someone in this world.

  3. I enjoyed the nightime rough draft the best, it certainly hit the sponsorship issue out of the park! Keep hunting and writing we enjoy reading about your finds and musings!

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