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As expected, haven’t got out much lately.  A couple shorter hunts at an old site, trying to squeeze a couple more out, but got just a couple of wheaties.  It was a disappointment cause I’ve gotten a bit of barber silver here, and I’ve gotten much better since then (I think it was Jan 2012 I was last there).  The competition has definitely worked it good since.  I was stupid for not working it better then, but I stumbled on a honeyhole elsewhere at the time, and one thing led to another.  Oh well.

So, with that, hadn’t found a silver in about 2 weeks, and even tho I was wasn’t getting out much, and was hitting low probability situations, it was frustrating.  Its all about the experience.  Its an addiction at a lower level of neural circuitry that all the rationalization doesn’t help.

So, Friday had a doctor appointment in a township I have never detected in, but has alot of old areas, so I found a couple of prospective sites near his office.  The first was just brutal due to EMI.  It was night next to a powerline and a TXRX tower of some sort.  I can deal with noise, but not high tone noise.  Most of the EMI was coming in at CO 50.  The site had promise, as it was old, and I’m sure the competition has to deal with the same thing, unless they have an EMI proof machine, and there were a few good tells, but I just couldn’t take it, and after about 90 minutes left.  I think the trick to this site will be to come in with an almost entirely black screen, with just a small white window for dimes and quarters.  I’ve proven that the E-Trac will do fine without a threshold, so this is an approach to try sometime.  But, I don’t like making pattern changes in the field.  There is something wonky about my pattern editor, or I don’t know how to use it right, so that’s best done sitting at home.

Onto the second site, and even older park, in the midst of alot of old houses, but it is small.  I rarely have good luck at small parks, as they are so easy to grid out.  I started right in the far corner, and gridded from both edges, and got some good tells (deep 60s pennies), but it took quite a while to get even the first wheatie.  The problem at this site is that the mineralization was quite high, and I was struggling for depth on the clad.  I was getting quite frustrated, wondering if I would ever find silver, when I got a really deep wheatie, and then a dateless SLQ about a foot away, with just 20 minutes left before I had to leave.  I thought it was gonna be a clad Q (just the way my luck was running lately), and was ecstatic to see that shiny disc.  I have my doubts about my ability to get dimes here, due to the mineralization, but we’ll see.

Was gonna get out for a couple of hours this morning, but I’m doing this instead :)   Just too much work and chores.  And, I’m training for a marathon as well, and that screws up your schedule, cause you can’t do yardwork on those hard training days (at least I can’t).  Oh well.

2 thoughts on “SLQ Yessterday

  1. Great to see a SLQ! I’ve been in a slump, but broke out sort of today, partly due to your advice to open up the screen. I think it is open down to 22 now, and today found another Barber dime living in that 21-44 world. Crappy, but repeatable signal, only about 6 inches deep. Those things rarely give a good signal. Also, an 8 inch deep Indian that did the 1-31/7-34 thing. A confidence booster if nothing else and when you only find a half dozen targets in 3 hours, you relish the chance to dig because it stops your swinging arm from hurting for awhile!

  2. Those barbers are tough. I think it has to do with the tarnish that makes them ring lower. In theory, they should be the same as any other dime, unless they are worn down thin.

    I would suggest opening even further. Mine is at 27. I’m not sure I have the patience to go all white, but I may play with that at a really quiet site sometime. Know a dude who found a seated dime that way which prolly would not have shown up normally.

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