Conductive Tones vs TTF Test

I have not got out much at all since the last entry.  Work and other chores and so forth.  I haven’t found much either, a few wheaties and no silver.  Cleaning up a few old sites and writing them off.  All boring, but I like to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

And (my wife will kill me for starting a paragraph with a conjunction) now that school is almost out, I prolly won’t get out much going forward either.  If I’m lucky, I’ll update this page once a week or so, but maybe not, we’ll see.

Anyway, one of the sites is just brutally iron infested — way worse than the colonial site, which is surprising, since it only goes back to the late 30s, and I don’t think there was anything there before it, but maybe there was.  You won’t hear a threshold anywhere here, at least in the one section.

I run multi tone conductive pretty much everywhere, tho I know alot of folks would run TTF at such a site.  When I got a diggable high tone that I was fairly sure was a silver and not an iron false, I switched over to my TTF mode (and I have a full tested TTF mode based on some smart peoples’; I don’t mean just switching the TTF setting), I did not hear anything I would dig.

So I dug it, first comes a chunk of iron, then another chunk, then the high tone target (a wheatie), then there was still more iron in there under it — still no threshold.

I’ve always felt that multi conductive vs TTF was just a “presentation layer” thing as a software guy might say, and that, deep down, the machine was doing the same thing, and so long as your multi conductive was set up right, and you were used to it, there was nothing to fear from no threshold.

I would never try to convince anyone not to use TTF it if works for them, and I know it does for alot of folks.  And, this is just one test on one target.  But, I don’t think it works so well for me, and my multi conductive program does.  So, that’s that FWIW.

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