Final Colonial Site Hunt

Last week, finished up the colonial site I was working.  Found out it was actually settled over 300 years ago.

Didn’t find much, other than another toasted copper, a small silver bling of some sort, and a large copper button, which at first I thought was a huge dollar-sized copper.

The smaller copper was the most beautiful, deep, signal you would ever hear, especially at a site where most of the high tones (especially the shallow ones), had been picked over.  I was sure it was a big, deep silver, and was quite disappointed.  I can make out a right facing bust that the Britannia device on the back.  Its too small to be a KG III, so it is probably a Machin’s Mills or some other sort of colonial knockoff, but there isn’t enough detail to get a positive ID.,  Oh well.

As for the button, there are little floral designs on it, but I ain’t good enough to get them to come out in the pic.  Surprising that it is the only button I found at the site, as, unlike park hunting, I dug almost all non-ferrous tones.

It was a fine site, but only 3 silvers, and no seateds or older American coins.  Oh well.  Did find 19 old coins over the 2 weeks, all 1923 or older except one.  Of course, that 2 reale I found it the first half hour was prolly worth 2 weeks of hunting.

Haven’t been out since last week, being swamped with work and other projects.  One of those projects was going thru all my beat coppers, and trying to get an ID on some of them.  Managed to determine that two of them where Connecticut coppers, and two were New Jersey coppers.  Both New Jersey coppers were found at the same site on the same day last summer (that site gave up 10-12 coppers).  These coppers are so beat, I wonder why I wasted my time.

One thing I did discover, tho, was that a half cent I found at that site which I originally thought was an 1808 is actually an 1802/0.  That’s a very rare date.  Too bad the thing is so abused.  I don’t feel like taking a pic; its prolly in these pages somewhere (found it on 7/27/12).  Maybe I’ll put it on Ebay and see if I can get anything for it.

Not sure when I’ll get out again, hopefully soon.

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