Barber Dime + Silver Thimble

I guess the title says it all; no need to read the lame copy.  Scroll down for the pic.

Back to yesterday’s site, gridding out what remains of the one zone that gave up 6 old coins yesterday, and pulled another ’16 wheatie and a silver thimble.  The thimble is not stamped, which means its older than 1905, but not really old, as evidenced by the floral pattens (really old ones are just silver and boring looking, as if silver could ever look boring).  This is the third intact silver thimble I’ve found, and while I’m not a big relic guy, they are fun to find.

After that zone was complete, into a dead zone that hadn’t yet produced a single coin, and not even a decent tell, so I was quite pleased to pull a 1903 barber dime (of course, I’m trained to think like a park hunter, looking for tells, and I realise these old homesites don’t work like that, but that’s an entry for another day).  This one had a high FE number; mostly 20+, and it wasn’t that deep, but had that tight pinpoint, and the occasional low bounce.  That’s what you look for at iron infested sites.

Too bad it wasn’t a seated.  Saw the back (which looks more or less the same as a seated), and got excited for a minute.  Continue to dance around the seated at this place.  Everything but the girl.  Oh well.  There’s not really enough promising real estate left to get one at this point, but I gave it a good go.  One more day, maybe, before tabling or closing the site.

One thought on “Barber Dime + Silver Thimble

  1. Nice! Sounds like your Barber rang about as funky as mine this weekend. Opening up the screen to pass FE in the low 20s helps. Wonder what it is about the Barbers, most read weird. Design is smooth to start out and they wear easily, so that probably is part of it. I guess Mercs are the same way once they get worn, but I don’t get as much FE bounce with Mercs it seems..

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