Semi Key Indian

Back to the colonial era site of the last 2 days, and in a little less than 4 hours of hunting, I dug exactly 2 coins.  Talk about low density (it is a huge site), being hunted out, or both.

One of them, tho, was a rather nice semi-key date IH.  Those who read me know I’m pretty disdainful of IHs, cause they usually come out of the ground around here looking like crap, but check this one out –

Full bold Liberty, full detail in the feathers, and even the diamonds on the ribbons.  Would go EF40 or AU50 for sure, where it not for the dirt.  I’m afraid to clean it.  Rare that I would get one that is not corroded (my first), a semi key date (my first), and EF detail (my first or second).  When you can’t pull a silver trifecta, (or silver unifecta for that matter), you take what you can get.  Nice coin, really.  (I’d love to get a copper at this site, seeing how benign the dirt seems to be here).

The other coin was a 1945 wheatie.  No great shakes, but it opens up a new paradigm at the site.  Even so, I wasn’t planning to go back to the site for a spell, given that I had only dug 4 known older coins in about 8 hours of hunting, and only one silver, but that IH is nice, and older than I expected, so maybe I can squeeze a seated out of here after all.  OTOH, its very possible I won’t find another coin here.  We’ll see.

BTW, Pink Panther points out that yesterday’s spoon is from 1905.  I didn’t think it was that old.  Another reason to get reenergized about the site.  Thanks Pink (I’m not sure why the comments don’t work, prolly cause you included a link — preventing links in comments eliminates spam).  Here’s the link to the spoon on Ebay (this link may be bad in a couple of weeks).


One thought on “Semi Key Indian

  1. So if the link disappears this is the description: “Beautiful and very rare, ca1905, Sterling Silver, Civil War / Gettysburg Battlefield, Souvenir Spoon with portrait of Union General George Meade!!
    This outstanding, Souvenir Spoon measures approx. 4″ long and features a handle with a bust portrait of Mead at the top and text above which reads “Gem. Geo. Meade” and text below that reads “July 1, 2, 3, 1863″ (the dates of the Battle of Gettysburg”. The lower portion of the handle features text that reads “Gettysburg, PA”. The bowl of the spoon features a wonderful view of the Gettysburg Battlefield Cemetery. The Spoon is marked Sterling on the reverse and carries the hallmark of the manufacturer – The Alvin Manufacturing Company of Providence, Rhode Island.”

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