Mayday Silver

Back to yesterday’s site, into the trashy, mineralized area, near the tot lot and the playground equipment, which I had written off when I worked this site in 2011.  Just proves you can get better, I guess.  Hit a ’27 merc pretty quickly.  Sweet.

Then I hit a silver Q at just one inch.  Are you kidding me?  Right under the swingset in that patch directly under the swing that is all worn down from the kids’ feet.  When it blew I my ears off, I thought it was gonna be a silver ring. Unbelievable.  In 50 years, not a single coil had run over that spot.  Well, it took me over 2 years to get there, but once I get in a zone that seems productive, I try to cover every inch, cause you never know.

Hard dirt grassless areas like this can give up shallow silvers cause there is no grass growing to build up more dirt, and it is often hard packed so nothing lives under it either, so stuff just doesn’t sink sometimes in these areas.  I’ve had alot of luck in similar dirtless areas, but never right under a swingset at one inch like this.  Figured everyone would be pounding around the playground equipment looking for clad and bling.  Maybe it was at 6 inches at one time, and all the wear on the spot from the kids’ feet had worn it down over time.  Who knows?  It was a pretty deep rut.  Zone was also giving alot of deep 60s and 70s clad, which is usually quite constructive, but only one wheatie.  I’m guessing there is more here, but it may be beyond the trash and mineralization.

So, this site has given up 39 silvers now.  About 20 in 2011, and about 20 this year.  Kinda cool to bring it back to life like this.  There are a few other zones — I hope I can bring one of them to life, we’ll see.  I did try to bring another one back today which was dead two years ago, and seemed dead again today.  Oh well, you just never know.

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